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April 2022 Book Review Round-up!

Welcome to Marie’s April 2022 book review roundup! Here are all the books I reviewed on my blog during the month of April.

I still appear to be stuck on Star Wars for graphic novels, but I’m LOVING the High Republic initiative! Other graphic novels I’m keen to read either haven’t come out with trade paperback collections yet or have recently ended. You’ll see more graphic novel variety later in the year as series I enjoy such as Saga and Monstress come out of hiatus and resume trade paperback publication, but I’m always up for something new when it comes to graphic novels.

Don’t be shy about leaving comments if you think there’s something I’d enjoy reading!

Click the image to be taken to the product page on Amazon, and click the title of the book to read my review of it!

Reminders of Him by Colleen Hoover

No Matter the Price by Daniel Pare

Crying in H-Mart by Michelle Zauner

The Great Trespass by Steve Teets

Star Wars: The High Republic, Vol 1: There is No Fear by Cavan Scott (writer) and Ario Anandito (artist)

Falling on the Sword by Bryan Havel

Star Wars: The High Republic – Trail of Shadows by Daniel José Older (writer), David Wachter (artist), and Giada Marchisio (colors)

Euphoric Wonderland: An Eclectic Collection of Psychedelic Poetry to Stimulate the Senses and Open the Mind by Ryan Becker

Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir

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